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    The Ponchatoula MCJROTC is a program currently overseen by Chief Warrant Officer 3 Ira Brown and Lieutenant Colonel Hulsey. In the ROTC program first year cadets learn about military conduct, Marine history, marksmanship, and drill. Second year cadets are some times given positions of leadership. (Usually such as squad leaders, platoon guides, or platoon sergeants.) Second year cadets also learn more in depth parts of military conduct, drill, military history, leadership, and in the last semester, health.  Third year cadets are usually given positions of responsibility. (Such as platoon guides, platoon sergeants, battalion staff and very rarely platoon commander.) Fourth year cadets are almost always given a position as battalion staff, platoon commanders, or platoon sergeants.

    Drill is the movements the military use to move soldiers from place to place. This will also be taught to the cadets. The purpose of drill, however, is not only to move cadets from one place to another, but to instill a sense of discipline as well. If a cadet does something that breaks a rule, the cadet in question will be given the choice of doing pushups or going to the office. Most points from the ROTC program are from the weekly inspections and the Friday PT sessions. During the inspections, the platoon commander will ask the cadets questions from their handbook and the platoon sergeant will mark points off for any discrepancies in the wearing of the uniforms and missed questions.