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Male:c/ sgt. major bowen, c/1st sgt verdin, c/gy. sgt schilling, c/cpt. brumsfeild, c/corporal fortney,
c/gy. sgt. mobbs,

Female:c/ 1st lt troxsclair, c/1st sgt. greene, c/cpl. lambert, c/1st sgt. soley, c/cpl. lyndsey, c/cpl. calaga

Tug-of-war:c/2nd lt.Langham, c/cpt.Brumsfeild, c/gy. sgt Schilling, c/1st lt.Troxsclair, c/1st lt.Holland, c/s.sgtcraig, c/1st sgt nauck

male captain: c/sgt. maj Bowen, Female captain: c/1st lt. troxsclair, Tug-of-war captain: c/2nd lt. langham

The Pt teams are the most physically demanding teams in rotc. during regular workouts, the pt teams do excersises that real marines do. The pt teams practice monday mornings and wednesday after school.